Christmas promo is everywhere! It’s hard to ignore the contact bombardment by the goliaths of retail; namely Amazon, Temu, John Lewis etc. But for every mega retailer out there with £millions in advertising budgets demanding your attention, there are dozens of small businesses trying to cut through the noise.

However, if you want a truly original gift that is thoughtful, unique and beautiful, there is no better place to look than in your local art gallery.

Art galleries often get some stick for being too expensive and too elitist, selling paintings for £1000s. We are here to show you that you can grab something truly special from your local Birmingham gallery, for less than the cost of a posh perfume. We have compiled a list of some truly awesome gift ideas, to show you that purchasing artworks and supporting artists doesn’t have to break the bank.

This is just a fraction of the affordable gifts available through Birmingham Independent Galleries. Be sure to check out each gallery’s own website for all full list of all their artworks and giftware. 

Birmingham Independent Galleries are a joint membership consisting of Purple Gallery (Bournville), Seventh Circle (Moseley) and Lux Gallery (Edgbaston)


Demonstrating that local galleries offer more than just large statement paintings, above is a selection of affordable original gift ideas for under £75.

Inspirational ideas include homemade candles, small bronze works, limited edition prints and books, showing that BIG galleries are not simply about wall art, nor unaffordable. Seventh Circle in Moseley have a wide range of budget-friendly and original gift solutions.

UNDER £150

BIG galleries exist to support the creative community and local artists. They give local creatives a platform on which to showcase their craft, and to raise their standing in the community. This can include the gallery owners themselves, who also happen to be artists in their own right, like Richard Russell at Purple Gallery, Bournville.

In fact all 3 BIG galleries are owned by local creatives, with a desire to support the artistic community.

UNDER £500

Are you after something extra-special? Push the budget a little further and artworks generally become larger and more unique. This can include paintings, glassware and ceramics – all one-offs that you will not find anywhere else on planet Earth.

Purple Gallery and Lux Gallery, Edgbaston Village are also able to offer 0% finance on all original artworks over £100 via The Own Art Scheme