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On Saturday the 18th of November we are delighted to have Vicky Oldfield RBA as a guest artist at Purple Gallery

Vicky is a highly successful artist and printmaker from Surrey. She has exhibited worldwide and showcased at the Royal Academy and other major London Art institutions and galleries.

Since graduating from the Richmond School of Art in Advanced Print Making, Vicky has had a varied career as a freelance artist and designer/illustrator with a large client list that  have included large companies and individuals.

Vicky’s strong images are created using Collagraphs  –  which are created using an experimental form of printmaking.  The prints are taken from plates which have been collaged with a variety of materials:  card, fabric, paper, string, sand and anything else  that Vicky may decide to use. The plates are then sealed, inked up and printed in intaglio or relief on damp paper using an etching press. The embossed textural quality of the print is unique to this method. Thanks to the process itself, Vicky is able to make small editions of the image. The editions are variable due to the process and her desire to experiment, which means each of Vicky’s prints are unique.
This event will be accompanied with refreshments and wine, all are welcome!

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